Aquamarine - Angel of Inspiration

Aquamarine - Angel of Inspiration
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Hand crafted, blessed healing angel pendant. Natural gemstone and crystal - measures approximately 1 inch in length.

Aquamarine is associated with cleansing, meditation, serenity, peace, prophecy, and inspiration. Aquamarine is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea, promotes safe travel on water.

Healing Attributes:
Aquamarine is often associated with the thymus gland. Healers use it to help reduce fluid retention. It has been used to calm the nerves.
The Romans used aquamarine for diseases of the stomach, and to cure liver and throat troubles. It is
traditionally used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias.

Archangel Raguel

Friend of God, Clairsentience, helps to distinguish between our own feelings and those of others. He guides us towards situations, people and places that have clear and loving energy and guides us to act fairly and find win-win solutions. Raguel helps to maintain harmony and order in relationships and acts as mediator, helping us to find creative solutions. His chief role in Heaven is to oversee all the other archangels and angels, ensuring that they all work together in a harmonious and orderly fashion, according to Divine order and will.

The Color Associated with Raguel is Light Blue.

The Gemstone Associated with Raguel is Aquamarine

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