Moonstone - Angel of Long Life and Happiness Prayer Bracelet

Moonstone - Angel of Long Life and Happiness Prayer Bracelet
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Hand crafted, blessed healing angel prayer bracelet. Sir Lanka moonstone and crystal, silver plated lever back- measures approximately 7 1/2  inches in length.

Gemstone Properties: Moonstone promotes long life and happiness and is said to attract friendship and loyalty towards the wearer. Moonstone is associated with the feminine and is called "The Goddess Stone". It can enhance the intuitive side of the mind.

Healing Attributes: Moonstone is often used to reduce excess fluid in the body and to reduce the swelling caused by this fluid. Used in women suffering from pre-menstrual tension.  Also used to ease childbirth.

Archangel Haniel

Glory of God, helps to connect with divine magic and powerful cycles of the moon. He helps to groom hidden talents and find true passions; to appreciate ourselves and build self-worth honoring our cycles and moods, strengths and shadows.

The Color Associated with Haniel is bluish white.

The Gemstone Associated with Haniel is Moonstone.

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