Tree Agate Angel of Balance Rosary

Tree Agate Angel of Balance Rosary
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Handcrafted angel of Balance Rosary made from 8mm Tree Agate beads. Blessed to empower the healing properties the gemstones.

Gemstone Properties:

Tree Agate is a protection stone as are all Agates.  Brings balance between modern life and nature.  Tree Agate is a "centering" gemstone that provides for communication and finding peace with the earth. Tree agate is the gem of introspection. It helps the wearer with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint. Brings the message that the universe will provide by increasing ones ability to manifest while letting go of materialism.

Healing Attributes:

Tree Agate is useful for Skin eruptions, Skeletal disorders, and Capillaries/veins.  


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